ATL Ecodistrict

College Park, Georgia, United States


Neighborhood Type: Industrial

Size: 4750 Acres


Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is 4,750 acres and is currently the busiest and most efficient airport in the world. In 2016, 104 million passengers traveled through ATL and the number of passengers is expected to increase in 2017. The airport is owned by the City of Atlanta and is located seven miles south of the City.  It sits in five different jurisdictions including the Cities of Atlanta, Hapeville, College Park, and both Fulton and Clayton Counties. There are five runways, two Terminals, six concourses, 17 airlines operating from Hartsfield Jackson, and more than 2,500 flights and 260,000+ passengers going in and out of the airport each day. Delta Airlines has its worldwide headquarters in Atlanta and the airport is also a major hub for Southwest Airlines.

The airport is the largest employment hub in the state with over 65,000 jobs. Employers include the airlines, transportation companies, concessionaires, and consultants, as well as the City of Atlanta’s Department of Aviation. There are no residents within the airport but there are in nearby communities.

One goal is to make more of a connection between the local communities and the airport. This would provide greater opportunity for passengers arriving at Hartsfield Jackson to leave the airport and explore nearby areas.  Further to this, having the airport better integrated into communities could help transform local markets, transportation, and housing.

The airport itself has a Sustainable Management Plan with sustainability goals such as zero waste (90% reduction), and a 20% reduction in energy and water use, and greenhouse gas emissions.  Some of the businesses and organizations associated with the airport have also developed sustainability goals but it is time to get the goals in alignment.

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