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EcoDistricts Certified is a powerful way to help a community, developer or campus develop a powerful vision and roadmap to shape and harness growth and change over time. We call this Just Growth, and it is the new standard to harness inclusive and sustainable development.

Through EcoDistricts Certified, neighborhoods 1) commit to equity, resilience and climate protection at the heart of every decision; 2) form collaborative governance to oversee planing and implementation; 3) create an implementation roadmap to guide projects, programs, and investments; and 4) track and measure impact over time. The process is powered by the EcoDistricts Protocol, and each step is submitted to third-party verifiers to ensure transparency and accountability. EcoDistricts Certified provides a flexible, holistic, and rigorous “how to” framework for organizing and achieving important public policy, sustainability, and investment goals.

EcoDistricts Certified Provides the Following Benefits:

  • A path to respond to urgent social and environmental challenges.
  • A powerful way to move from vision to action.
  • Aligns community, developers, policy makers, and investors.
  • Creates trust and community ownership.
  • Accountability for equity and sustainability goals.
  • Recognition for leadership.



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