Building the Just Communities Movement

We believe that when we prioritize positive outcomes in racial equity and climate resilience, we build the communities we need and deserve – inclusive, just, and restorative.

On the 10th anniversary of the founding of EcoDistricts and PSE, we are proud to announce a new name and ambitious agenda to reimagine EcoDistricts as a liberatory model of community development. Just Communities is a bold reimagination of how communities grow – focusing on places where the inseparable forces of racial and environmental injustice persist- largely places that Black and historically disinvested communities of color have occupied but have not flourished, and places around the world stunted by a dearth of economic mobility and extraction.

Just Communities is a comprehensive and practical program to unlock the power of resident leaders, community-based organizations, developers, and municipalities in advancing racially equitable and environmentally regenerative development of our built environment. It includes:

1. A Framework for Equity & Regeneration.

Just Communities is an implementation tool to guide the planning and implementation of neighborhood development projects.

2. A Rigorous Certification Standard.  

The Just Communities certification program provides verification services to communities looking to successfully apply the framework in their neighborhood. Certification is a mark of leadership and a global peer-to-peer learning network.

3. A Learning & Leadership Platform.

The Just Communities Accredited Practitioner (AP) program is a continuing education and learning platform to support community leaders, city officials, and planning, design, and development professionals committed to  applying the  Just Communities Framework  in their work.

Just Communities is a call to action to learn, unlearn and commit to a new model of community development. For those who have been part of EcoDistricts and PSE’s Just Growth communities or are new to PSE, welcome! Join us in helping to grow the vision, that every community is a Just Community. Get started today.

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