An EcoDistricts Target City

Detroit is the 18th largest city in the US, but it used to be the fifth. Its population is roughly 40 percent of its one-time peak of 1.8 million. The city is over 80 percent African American with some Hispanic, White and Arab-American populations.

Eco-D is a collaborative backbone organization offering structure and process to support the creation of sustainable neighborhood development throughout the city of Detroit. The Eco-D team serves a variety of neighborhoods, offering an array of services to support their development. The incredible variety of neighborhood conditions within the city make Detroit an excellent ground for experimenting with varied approaches to urban sustainable development. These approaches include gardens and agriculture, energy efficiency, healthy homes, community solar, alternative transportation, green infrastructure and more.

Eco-D is a “second-stage” intervention, supporting community-driven efforts. Once a community has created a green plan for their future, Eco-D brings support and services to implement that vision.