Kendall Square

An EcoDistricts Target City

Kendall Square is a high-density commercial, innovation and transportation hub located in eastern Cambridge on the Charles River. With a population of 6,520, Kendall Square boasts two elementary schools – Fletcher Maynard Academy and Community Charter School of Cambridge. A core team of Kendall Square stakeholders that represent local government, the local business association, institutional partners, and large property owners has developed and secured funding for a two year proof of concept ecodistrict project.

With a median income of $87,379, Kendall Square is one of the largest and fastest growing markets for the tech and biomed industries. These companies, as well as the neighborhood’s countless startups, increasingly attract employees who wish to live close to work, creating demand for a true mixed-use district. Build out projections for 2020 indicate that an additional 3 million square feet of retail, office, and residential space will be added to the existing 7 million square feet of development. Residential and retail space is expected to increase by 66 percent and 170 percent respectively. The area also includes 11 different parks that total to 11.2 acres of green, open parks and public space.