SW Ecodistrict

Target City / Washington, DC USA

An EcoDistricts Target City

The SW Ecodistrict Initiative is a comprehensive and forward-looking approach to urban sustainability and livability in the heart of Washington, DC. The vision proposes transforming the 110 acres of a 15-block, predominantly federal precinct located just south of the National Mall into a highly sustainable, walkable neighborhood and workplace that will: connect the National Mall with Washington’s southwest waterfront; be a national showcase of sustainable urban development; provide sites for major new museums, memorials and events; accommodate the federal government’s future space needs; and include housing, commercial services and usable open space. The development project is expected to increase the population of the neighborhood by 33 percent by 2030. In anticipation of the influx of residents, the district will construct 14.3 acres of new or improved parks and public green space.

In 2013 the National Capital Planning Commission, in coordination with 17 local and federal agencies, completed the SW Ecodistrict Plan. The Plan demonstrates how planning, implementing, and operating at a neighborhood (or district) scale results in more environmental and economic benefits than a traditional building-scale approach. The Plan proposes a development scenario where projects can be prioritized and implemented over a 20-year period as they become economically viable and align with federal and local investment priorities.

Articles and Case Studies

District Snapshot

Washington, DC USA

110 acres



Anticipated Outcomes

Transformation of 15-block district into highly sustainable, walkable neighborhood and workplace

Connect National mall with SW Waterfront

Showcase sustainable urban development

Support art, culture and federal gov’t future space needs

14.3 acres of new or improved parks and green space