District Team Workshops

Accelerate Meaningful Sustainability Outcomes

Empowering Diverse District Teams to Put the Protocol to Work

Bring our fully customizable workshops to your district team to strengthen capacity and accelerate outcomes across some of the most challenging aspects of district-scale sustainable development.


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EcoDistrict Readiness Workshop

Hear a detailed presentation of the EcoDistrict Protocol and find out how to leverage opportunities and capacities in your unique district to begin the EcoDistrict formation phase.

Collaborative Governance Workshop

Shape the necessary leadership, cross-sector collaboration and decision-making conditions to align diverse district interests, attract investment and achieve desired outcomes. Exercise your district’s equity commitment by building a decision-making process that includes the interests of all stakeholders.

Equity Workshop

Every district has unique history, challenges and assets and the EcoDistricts Protocol is not a one-size-fits all approach. Learn how to use the Protocol to address Equity considerations in your district including issues from gentrification, to income disparities, to food access and transportation access.

Roadmap Workshop

Roadmap development is a key phase for exercising a district’s commitments to equity, resilience and climate protection as they intersect the Protocol Priorities. The Roadmap is also a key communication and leveraging tool to engage stakeholders, attract investors and bind the district team together under a common implementation framework. The Roadmap workshop provides district teams with a process to understand the district’s unique context, set ambitious performance targets, prioritize strategies to accomplish the targets, identify funding strategies, and set implementation milestones.

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