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Equity in Sustainability: An Equity Scan of Local Governments Sustainability Programs

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Categories: Climate Protection, Community, Engagement, Equity, Governance, Prosperity, Roadmap

By: Urban Sustainability Director's Network

This guide from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network is an important read that highlights the interdependence between socioeconomic and racial equity and sustainability. It highlights 10 “Good Practices” for community leaders to help integrate equity into sustainability efforts, and highlights cases from around the country using the “Good Practices.” The good practices cover the topics of equity in the framing and communication of sustainability, data to set up equity related goals and accountability, sustainability efforts based around community engagement and capacity building, and government roles and infrastructure to have the capacity to focus on equity. The paper concludes with further recommendations of concrete actions to increase the impact of sustainability by strengthening equity. There is a complementary video series that covers these topics.