Content Submission Guidelines

Contributions to the EcoDistricts Information Exchange

The Information Exchange is scheduled for launch September 2016. We are now accepting content submission ideas from partners worldwide. All concepts must align with the Exchange goals of providing ideas, resources, best practices, and tools that drive successful district-scale sustainable development.

To submit your submission idea, click below to access our submission form. Our team will be in touch to explore your idea more fully:


Contributions to the Vibrant(City) Blog

We accept editorial style articles exploring a diverse range of topics within the district-scale sustainable development arena on an ongoing basis. All content is published at the discretion of the EcoDistricts team, no submissions are guaranteed publication. Articles should be around 400-500 words in length, conversational in tone, explore compelling and new topics, and include one more feature images (sized at 16:6, 72 dpi).

To submit your piece or article concept, complete the form below within at least two weeks prior to your desired publication date: