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Take the Online EcoDistricts AP Training Course

The EcoDistricts AP Training Course immerses attendees in the approach and tools to create EcoDistricts using the EcoDistricts Protocol, the only framework for urban and community development that puts equity, resilience, and climate protection at the heart of every decision. This course is for planners, architects, developers, community development professionals, and municipal leaders.

The course is the first step toward earning the EcoDistricts Accredited Professional credential. To prepare for the course in advance, download the EcoDistricts Protocol.

What You’ll Learn

  • Gain an in-depth overview of the EcoDistricts Protocol — the only comprehensive framework to guide urban and community development — from planning to implementation.
  • Learn about key issues and best practices influencing neighborhood sustainability — including resiliency, equity, green infrastructure, placemaking, and community health.
  • Explore inspiring case studies, including the first set of neighborhoods integrating the Protocol into their long-term planning.
  • Be prepared to take the EcoDistricts Accredited Professional exam, the first credential demonstrating a commitment to creating sustainable, equitable neighborhoods.


Take the Online EcoDistricts AP Training Course

Taking the online course allows you to immerse yourself in the EcoDistricts framework at your own convenience.

Accredited Professional Training Course Fees

$50 course fee for the  Online AP Training Course

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship contact Teva Needleman (she/her) at teva@ecodistricts.org to get more information.

Practitioners across the globe can register to take the course online, on their own time.