EcoDistricts Priorities

Six Priority Areas for Every EcoDistrict


EcoDistricts Protocol PrioritiesPlace

GOAL: Create inclusive and vibrant communities.

OBJECTIVES: Strong civic engagement; preservation and celebration of culture and history; diverse and affordable housing; and accessible public spaces and services for daily needs.


GOAL: Support education and economic opportunities that build prosperity and accelerate innovation.

OBJECTIVES: Equitable access to quality education and career pathways, a robust employment base with increasing jobs and job quality, and entrepreneurial innovation and business start-ups.

Health + Wellbeing

GOAL: Nurture people’s health and happiness.

OBJECTIVES: Active living based on walkability and recreation; equitable health outcomes based on accessible, affordable health care; affordable, local fresh food; remediated toxic environments; and strong public safety.


GOAL: Build effective and equitable connections between people and places.

OBJECTIVES: A street network accommodating diverse ages and abilities using multiple travel modes and shared mobility options, and a high-quality digital network providing equitable connectivity and leveraged community data.

Living Infrastructure

GOAL: Enable flourishing ecosystems and restore natural capital.

OBJECTIVES: Healthy soils, water, trees, and wildlife habitat; accessible nature; and natural processes integrated into the built environment.

Resource Restoration

GOAL: Move towards a net positive world.

OBJECTIVES: Increase efficient water use; divert waste from landfills; productively reuse remediated land; and pursue energy efficiency, technology advancements, and clean, renewable energy production that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.