History of the Protocol: Research and Development

Across five years of production, Protocol research and development has involved the engagement of more than 100 expert advisors, comprehensive roundtables, listening sessions, peer review milestones, and field testing across more than 16 projects throughout North America.

In the interest of transparency, a complete report of the research, development, and engagement strategy employed by EcoDistricts is linked below. We want to acknowledge the commitment of our Protocol Advisory Committee members and peer reviewers for their tireless effort in helping us build version 1.0 of the Protocol and delivering it to the world.


Protocol Global Advisory Committee

Eliot Allen • Principal, Criterion Planners

Brodie Bain • Campus Planning Director, Perkins + Will

Matthew Blaikie • Senior Sustainability Consultant, EC Harris/ARCADIS

Claire Bonham-Carter • Principal/Director of Sustainable Development, AECOM

Matthew Bradley • Project Associate, Project for Public Spaces

Mark Thompson Brandt • Senior Conservation Architect & Urbanist, MTBA Associates Inc.

Alesia M. Call • Sustainability Program Specialist, Architect of the Capitol

Erin Christensen Ishizaki • Associate Principal, Mithun Ray Cole • Professor, University of British Columbia

Liam Cook • Program Manager, Efficiency, Nova Scotia Corporation

Stan Curtis • Vice President, Business Development, Open Commons & People Power

Mark Davies • Director/Senior Civil Engineer, SvR Design Company

Ralph DiNola • Executive Director, New Buildings Institute

Barbara Erwine • Sole Proprietor, Cascadia Conservation

Bill Fleming • CEO, Toward Net Zero (TNZ)

Caitlin Francis • Urban Planner, CH2M

Richard Gelb • Performance Management Lead, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks

Brian Glazebrook • Senior Global Sustainability Manager, NetApp

Alex Gold • Consultant, Elton Consulting

Denise Grabowski • Owner/Principal, Symbioscity

Christina Grace • Principal and Food Systems Consultant, New Territories

Don Grant • Executive Director, Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict

Deb Guenther • Partner, Mithun

Janet Hammer • Director, The Initiative on Triple Bottom Line Development, Portland State University

Nicole Isle • Chief Sustainability Strategist, GLUMAC

Charles Kelley • Associate Partner, ZGF Architects, LLP

John MacArthur • Sustainable Transportation Program Manager, Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium

Odetta Macleish-White • Program Director, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Jordana Maisel • Director of Outreach and Public Policy, University at Buffalo Rob Matteson • Managing Principal, Interface Engineering, inc.

Jen McGraw • Climate Change Program Manager, Center for Neighborhood Technology

Sandra Mendler • Principal, Mithun

Jessica Millman • Director, Green Neighborhoods Program, National Resources Defense Council

Christine Mondor • Principal, evolveEA/Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University

Jim Newman • Partner, Linnean Solutions, LLC

Wayne Olson • President, ADC A Development Consultancy

Cameron Petersen • Clean Energy Manager, Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Robert Ping • Executive Director, Walkable and Livable Communities Institute

Thomas J. Puttman • President, Puttman Infrastructure, Inc.

Marissa Ramirez • Program Manager, National Resources Defense Council

Dave Ramslie • Principal, Integral Group

Jeffrey Raven • Principal, Raven A + U

Geoffrey Reid • Director, CityCraft Ventures

Kelly Rodgers • Principal, Confluence Planning

Yogesh Saoji • Senior Associate/Urban Designer, WRT

Sarida Scott Montgomery • Executive Director, Community Development Advocates of Detroit

Alan Scott • Principal, The Cadmus Group, Inc.

David Taylor • President, Taylor|Future Solutions, LLC

Melonie Tharpe • Director of Programs, Center for Civic Innovation

Cameron Thomson • Associate Principal, Arup

Giles Thomson • Researcher, CRC for Low Carbon Living (Australia)

Poul Tvermoes • Development Director, Parsons international

Ryan Vanden Brink • Attorney/Member, Intelekia Law Group LLC

Dan Vizzini • Principal Consutant, Carollo Engineers

Andrew Waddelove • Senior Consultant, EC Harris

Bradley Weinig • TOD Senior Program Director, Enterprise Community Partners

Walker Wells • Vice President of Programs/Green Urbanism Program Director, Global Green USA