Sharpsburg EcoDistrict

Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, United States


Neighborhood Type: Mixed-Use

Size: 0.48 Square Miles


Lead Stakeholder: Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization

Sharpsburg, PA, is a densely built urban municipality known for its close-knit community, historic Main Street business district, and riverfront along the Allegheny. Like many Pittsburgh-area communities, Sharpsburg experienced economic distress following the collapse of the steel industry, but is now receiving regional attention for its community engagement efforts, close proximity to Pittsburgh, and attraction of small, community-serving businesses.

As new businesses move into the community and Sharpsburg’s riverfront is redeveloped, the community is experiencing a shift in needs,┬áchallenges, and opportunities. Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization began laying the groundwork for the Sharpsburg Ecodistrict in 2016 to improve quality of life for Sharpsburg residents and create a more environmentally sustainable and resilient community, while maintaining affordability and preventing displacement. The Sharpsburg Ecodistrict is focused on six key areas of planning and strategic action: equity, food, water, energy, air, and mobility, and is guided by the Sharpsburg Community Vision Plan.

The Sharpsburg Ecodistrict, along with its neighbors in Millvale and Etna, is engaged in a partnership known as the Triboro Ecodistrict, which allows the three municipalities to collaborate on shared initiatives and increase each community’s capacity to reach their own locally driven ecodistrict goals.

Photo by Nanci Goldberg.

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