Global Technology Leader for City Resilience I JACOBS

Susanne is a Global Technology Leader for City Resilience at Jacobs.   She is an accomplished organizational strategist with 29 years of local government experience in South Florida as assistant county /city manager, Miami-Dade County’s first sustainability director and Miami Beach’s first Chief Resilience Officer.  Now at Jacobs she is working with cities, military installations, and private developers in identifying risk and building resilience in plans, policies and projects. 


She joined the City of Miami Beach in September 2015 as assistant city manager (ACM) and as the City’s first chief resilience officer (CRO). Her portfolio of departments included Planning, Building, Code Compliance, Sustainability and Environmental Management, Transportation and Mobility, Economic Development, Housing & Community Development and strategic planning.  The City of Miami Beach is a leader and pioneer in climate adaptation efforts. As CRO she built on that foundation to produce an action-oriented updated strategic plan, through the lens of resilience, and a broader Greater Miami & the Beaches 100 Resilient Cities Strategy, Resilient 305, supported by the 100 Resilient Cities Network of the Rockefeller Foundation.    Over the last years she has secured and managed several important grants and projects including the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Review of the Miami Beach’s Stormwater Program, Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor’s Challenges and Columbia University’s Resilience Accelerator for the West Avenue neighborhood improvement project.