Making it Official: Seattle’s Capitol Hill Ecodistrict Formally Recognized

From an Ecodistrict index to a community-wide solar program, our friends at the Capitol Hill Ecodistrict in Seattle, WA have made great strides in establishing the area as a model for neighborhood-scale sustainability. And their hard work is paying off. City Council recently passed a resolution formally recognizing the ecodistrict.

Work like this is what truly gets us excited about the future of sustainable district-scale development – real, on the ground progress and results! We are looking forward to learning more on how the ecodistrict and City of Seattle are collaborating to meet the community’s sustainability goals. Learn more about their work and the resolution on the Capitol Hill Ecodistrict website.

Does Capitol Hill’s work inspire you as much as it does us? Our annual EcoDistricts Incubator is a three-day program to provide project teams with the tools and guidance to accelerate a neighborhood-scale project in their city.