Healthy Communities Designed at the 2016 EcoDistricts Summit

This September 13-15, the EcoDistricts Summit comes to Denver, CO, and Summit attendees will spend two and a half days digging deep into how to build the sustainable, vibrant cities of tomorrow.

Day two of the EcoDistricts Summit will feature 12 interactive Studio sessions that will get participants ready to form, launch, and accelerate district scale sustainability. At EcoDistricts, we believe Equity is a critically important, overarching issue that must be addressed to attain neighborhood sustainability, and community health and wellbeing is a crucial indicator of how equitable urban development is.


Healthy Communities, Designed

There is a long history of the powerful and direct relationship between urban design and public health. This link has become more significant as global city populations surge. Whereas good urban planning can create connected neighborhoods with clean air, open space and social services, poor urban design and policy disproportionally affects vulnerable communities, driving up rates of obesity, childhood asthma, malnutrition and other diseases.

Design professionals and civic leaders have responded by establishing planning tools and engagement strategies to ensure that cities positively contribute to individual and collective health. This Studio will share real-world examples from Los Angeles and DC’s Sustainable Congress Heights, an EcoDistricts Target City, to show how partnerships between local governments, urban designers and community leaders can work together to set a direction for improving people’s health and wellness.

Ready to learn how to design healthy, equitable communities? Space for the 2016 EcoDistricts Summit is limited. Reserve your spot by June 30 to take advantage of our early bird discount registration.

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