An Innovative Financing Model for Communities

This week, we’re featuring a sample of 2016 EcoDistricts Summit Studio sessions that will help Summit attendees expand their Equity toolbox to achieve just outcomes in their urban regeneration projects.

This September 13-15, the EcoDistricts Summit comes to Denver, CO, and Summit attendees will spend two and a half days digging deep into how to build the sustainable, vibrant cities of tomorrow. Day two of the EcoDistricts Summit will feature 12 interactive Studio sessions that will get participants ready to form, launch, and accelerate district scale sustainability. Equity is a critically important, overarching issue that must be addressed in urban regeneration to attain neighborhood sustainability. Equity can be built into any stage of district development, from activating communities around governance, to finding unique and successful ways to finance district-scale projects.


Beyond TIF: a Finance Model for the Phoenix Gateway and Beyond

District-scale development financing has long been labeled as the key barrier to project implementation. And, practitioners will be hard pressed to find easy-to-use alternatives to traditional financing models such as TIF: Tax Increment Finance. In this Studio session, participants will be introduced to a non-traditional funding model that catalyzed a mixed use, high-density transit oriented district in Phoenix, AZ.

To successfully fund the Gateway Ecodistrict Project, team leaders developed an innovative financing infrastructure for two underdeveloped areas to accommodate significant, high-density, mixed-use growth while meeting the area’s energy, water, local transportation, telecommunications and infrastructure service needs. Presenters will share the financing financing and governance method in detail, with audience engagement to highlight its potential applicability to ecodistrict projects across the country.

Excited to learn more? Space for the 2016 EcoDistricts Summit is limited. Reserve your spot by June 30 to take advantage of our early bird discount registration.

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