We Stand for Racial Equity: a Message from EcoDistricts’ Board and Staff

We are at a crossroads.

We stand in solidarity with Black activists that demand swift and substantial changes to policing, criminal justice, and community investment.

We acknowledge that our white-dominant profession has long been complacent in denying Black people the same opportunities and seat at the table in building our communities.

We recognize that police brutality and the current health crisis disproportionately impacting Black people is the culmination of generations of racist development practices and systemic disinvestment in our neighborhoods.

To help the EcoDistricts community navigate and strengthen our collective resolve to fight for racial justice and equity, we need to lean in and support our Black urban and community development leaders. Below, we have identified petitions, articles, and resources for you to explore and act:

The EcoDistricts community is made up of strong and passionate leaders dedicated to inclusivity and equity. As community builders, we have a responsibility to move in a radically different direction in which racial equity, inclusion, and justice are the underpinnings for every urban and community development decision. This is the time to strengthen our resolve and our commitment to one another.

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