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Reports and Master Plans

SoMa EcoDistrict Roadmap

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Categories: Accredited Professionals, Annual Report, Community, Connectivity, District Utilities, District Water Systems, Engagement, Equity, Featured, Governance, Health and Wellbeing, Innovation District, Portland Pilot, Protocol, Resilience, Roadmap

By: Portland Sustainability Institute

The SoMa EcoDistrict Roadmap includes an assessment of baseline conditions, adopted performance goals, and recommended strategies to support the Soma EcoDistricts aspirations to foster a new model of urban sustainability. As part of the EcoDistricts Portland Pilot, this guide from SoMa showcases a well-curated report that could be modeled by other districts.

Toolkits and Guides

Industrial EcoDistricts

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Categories: Commercial District, District Utilities, District Water Systems, Innovation District, Resilience

There are over 950,000 more manufacturing jobs in the U.S. today than in 2010. This resurgence presents a major opportunity for communities. As a segment of manufacturers turns away from the inefficiencies of sprawling suburban industrial parks and re-onshores production from overseas locations there is growing demand for urban locations. But cities that want to take advantage of manufacturing’s return need to prepare themselves. An EcoDistrict approach to industrial revitalization can help keep costs down and bring the benefits of manufacturing to a community, while reducing the environmental burdens.

Case Studies

Lloyd EcoDistrict

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Categories: Climate Protection, Connectivity, Health and Wellbeing, Innovation District

By: EcoDistrict

The Lloyd Ecodistrict in Portland, OR was formed in 2009 with a goal of becoming one of North America’s most sustainable living-and-working districts. In the seven years since its formation, the ecodistrict is well on its way to becoming a case study in effective district-scale regeneration, thanks in large part to the emphasis project leaders have put on strategic partnerships and stakeholder engagement.