Brionté McCorkle

Director of Engagement

Brionté joined the EcoDistricts team as Director of Engagement in late 2017 to lead the organization’s communications and storytelling and to plan, manage and successfully implement the annual EcoDistricts Summit.

She believes that people from all walks of life deserve to live in healthy, sustainable and connected communities in which everyone can fully engage and be successful. She works to achieve this vision by equipping people in the community with tools to self-organize, and by building strategic partnerships to push for and implement solutions that protect the environment, create equitable and inclusive communities, and reduce barriers to civic engagement.

Over the years, Brionté has worked at organizations on stormwater and water conservation, energy and water efficiency, financial dignity, transportation, and environmental justice. She most recently served as the Assistant Director of the Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club. In 2014 and again in 2016, she helped lead the organization’s successful efforts to expand transit in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Brionté earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from Georgia State University, and minored in Spanish. She is a wife, mother, activist, environmentalist, and movement builder. She is always looking for opportunities to continue to influence public policy through the government, private and nonprofit sectors.