Jo Danko

Board Member

Managing Director, City Solutions, Jacobs

Jo Danko is a chemical and environmental engineer with extensive experience in waste minimization, energy efficiency, by-product synergy and extensive water treatment and reuse. He works to integrate social values into infrastructure projects. One of the best approaches is implementing workforce development proactively and inclusively at the start of all projects. The approach is grounded in working with local non-profits and other minority led firms that represent the culture and voice of communities, combined with integrating a proactive and proven workforce development process that delivers accountable performance demonstrating employing previously unemployed and under-employed members of communities with long term sustainable employment.

Jo currently leads City Solutions for Jacobs, where he leads development and implementation of projects and programs in resilience, urban development and smart cities for cities and communities around the world. He was instrumental in creating Jacob’s approach to helping cities attract business and investment, integrate technology to drive efficiencies and create accessible, vibrant communities where people want to live and work.

Jo has also participated in the planning and development of numerous sustainable development projects from master planning through design, construction and operations. These projects involve development of environmental management systems, renewable energy applications, climate change assessment, adaptation and mitigation, zero-liquid discharge systems, valuing ecosystem services, facility services, sustainable construction and waste-to-energy systems.