Renew Your AP Credential

Our goal with the Just Communities AP program is to support the growth and development of all our practitioners. Re-credentialing is an important part of elevating your expertise, competency and industry knowledge over time through fieldwork, research, and continuing education. It includes the following two requirements:

30 Hours of Continuing Education Credits Every Two Years

Just Communities APs maintain their credential by earning 30 continuing education hours every two years, starting when the credential is earned and ending two years from the start date. To submit new continuing education hours, all APs must document the hours found in your user profile. Credits may be earned by:

  • Completing AIA, ALSA, AICP, or GBCI credits related to Just Communities topics.
  • Attending PSE-produced convenings such as our academies, circles, webinars, and
  • Taking courses, trainings, or webinars from leading organizations such as
    NeighborWorks, PolicyLink, Enterprise, LISC, Collective Impact Forum, Race Forward,
    Urban Land Institute, Smart Growth America, NextCity, and other relevant professional
  • Participating in the planning or implementation of a Just Community Certified
    neighborhood, district, or campus. APs who actively participate on projects that are
    registered or certified for Just Communities certification can document hours that they
    are working directly on certification related activities.
  • Authorship on relevant white papers, strategies, best practice guides, and toolkits that
    support the Just Communities field.
  • Volunteerism on community-based projects that are advancing racial equity and climate
    resiliency in your community.
  • Serving as a mentor to other members of the AP community.

Unsure if a course, class, training or webinar qualifies for CEU credits? Just ask us.
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Maintaining your Just Communities AP credential helps to cover our program administration and management expenses. Once you have submitted your CEUs, you will be required to make your re-credential payment of $90 before a credential is officially renewed. Renew your AP credential now.

Renew Your Credential


Will my current EcoDistricts AP credential remain valid?

Yes. We will honor all active EcoDistricts APs during your two-year credential period. At the
time of your next renewal, all active EcoDistricts APs will need to take the Just Communities
Foundations course and exam to become familiar with the new Just Communities Protocol and
certification program.

For inactive EcoDistricts APs that have let your credential lapse, you will be required to take the Just Communities Foundations course and exam to renew your credential.

What is my credential status?

With the launch of the Just Communities AP program, your credential can fall within two
different statuses within your most recent reporting period: active and expired.

  • Active: You are up to date with your continuing education (CE) hours and have renewed
    your credential within the last two years – ether as a legacy EcoDistricts AP or Just
    Communities AP, and in the process of earning your required CE hours to maintain your
  • Expired: Your credential lapsed and is no longer valid. You will be required to take the
    new Just Communities Foundations course and exam to build expertise and knowledge about the new Just Communities Protocol and certification program. If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from completing your credential maintenance requirements in your 2-year reporting period, you must reach out to PSE at least 30 days before the end of your reporting period. Please be prepared to provide supporting documentation. PSE reviews requests on a case-by-case basis and does not guarantee any extensions.

Should I keep documentation of my continuing education (CE) hours?

Yes. PSE reviews a percentage of all credential holders at regular intervals to ensure that they have the documentation to substantiate their claims of CE activities, and PSE reserves the right to conduct these reviews at any time. The Partnership for Southern Equity may revoke an AP credential upon the reporting and verification of professional misconduct related to credential use. Misconduct is defined as unethical actions or submission of inaccurate or misleading information.