Just Communities is a Bold Reimagination of How Communities Grow

At PSE, we focus on places where the inseparable forces of racial and environmental injustice persist- places that Black and historically disinvested communities of color have occupied but have not flourished, and places around the world stunted by a dearth of economic mobility and extraction.

Our work was born out of the movement for racial justice in the American South, but we are connected by our history, our pain, and our promise to all communities. Together, we can make a global paradigm shift towards new forms of equitable and regenerative land, property, infrastructure, real estate, and community development

Join Us.

Our principles are more than a set of values and ideas. They represent a call to action to learn, unlearn, and commit to a new model of community development. We welcome anyone who sees their truth reflected in these principles to sign the Just Communities Principles Manifesto  and help grow the vision, that every community can be a Just Community.