Etna EcoDistrict

Etna, Pennsylvania, United States

District Registry
  • Neighborhood Type: Mixed-Use
  • Size: 0.79 Square Miles
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  • Neighborhood Type: Mixed-Use

Etna, PA is a proud rivertown in the Pittsburgh area that is undergoing a grassroots revival. Through periods of economic distress and environmental threat, Etna rebounded as a resilient community that is dedicated to improving quality of life for all who live, work, and play in the borough.

Much of the past decade’s progress was led by the municipality to implement innovative green infrastructure to mitigate stormwater challenges. To ensure that future development is both sustainable and equitable, Etna embarked on its own EcoDistrict journey in late 2017 to bring about positive change in six key focus areas: water, air quality, mobility, energy, food, and social equity. With local leadership and civic engagement at the core, the community is striving to turn its visions into actionable projects and programs that lead Etna into a more vibrant, healthier future for all.

Etna, along with its neighbors Millvale and Sharpsburg, is engaged in a partnership known as the Triboro EcoDistrict that allows the three municipalities to collaborate on shared initiatives and increases each community’s capacity to reach their own EcoDistrict goals.

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